General Business Law - Soofi Law
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Representing Corporations and Limited Liability Companies

We establish and represent businesses including preparation of organizational documents such as shareholder agreements, buy-sell agreements, operating agreements, and bylaws. We counsel business owners and their management with respect to all aspects of their businesses and routinely advise business clients in the following areas:

Business Transactions

Providing legal advice on employee benefit matters related to acquiring and selling of businesses, structured as asset or stock transactions, mergers, or other business combinations.

Shareholder and Partner Matters

Representing business owners in structuring, drafting, and negotiating corporate and partnership documents, such as shareholder agreements, buy-sell agreements, partnership agreements, and operating agreements for limited liability companies.

Business Contracts

Providing legal advice on all types of business contracts, including employment and consulting agreements, stock option agreements, sales representative agreements, confidentiality agreements, purchase agreements, manufacturing and service agreements, and equipment and real estate leases.

Entity Formation

Forming and organizing corporations and limited liability companies, and performing on-going maintenance and corporate record-keeping functions for these new entities.