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Estate planning should be viewed as an essential part of your financial planning. If done properly, it can protect your assets during your lifetime and help your loved ones immensely in the event of your passing. Look to Neda Soofi for compassionate legal counsel as you tackle the estate planning process. She is an experienced and respected estate planning attorney who helps her clients with essential estate planning documents tailored to their individual needs.


Wills provide instruction regarding how your estate is to be passed on in the event of your death. Another important aspect of a will is the nomination of a guardian for your minor children in the event of their parents’ passing. Wills are revocable and can thus be changed as needed. Whether you require assistance with a new will or updating an existing will or codicil, you can benefit from our services.


Trusts can be highly advantageous estate planning tools. They manage and take care of your assets during your lifetime and often provide the best outcome for beneficiaries after your passing. Neda Soofi can guide you in determining whether a trust is the best option for your estate planning needs and what kind of trust would be proper in your case. She can draft revocable and irrevocable trust agreements to accomplish your goals. If you have an existing trust, she can help you with the review, amendment, or restatement of the trust if desired or necessary.

Other Types of Estate Planning Documents

There are a variety of documents involved in the estate planning process. In addition to Wills and Trusts, these important documents can improve both your end-of-life care and the process for passing on your property after you have died. Neda Soofi can help you prepare a variety of important estate planning documents, including nominations of guardians, powers of attorney and advance health care directives. Once these documents have been completed, you will enjoy greater peace of mind.

Neda Soofi: Trusted Estate Planning Counsel

Estate planning can feel overwhelming, but the right lawyer can make the process far easier. Clients speak highly of Neda Soofi’s estate planning services, citing the patient and in-depth guidance she offers to those struggling to make necessary estate decisions. With Neda Soofi’s help, you can ensure that you receive quality services, while also minimizing the likelihood of probate. Whether you are preparing a will or administering the estate of a loved one who has passed on, you can count on the Soofi Law Office, LLC for high-quality counsel.